GenoExplorer™ microRNA System

Full service miRNA expression analysis

microRNAGeneral information about full service describes product design and assay performance

Features of miRNA services

  • GenoExplorer™ miRNA chips contain the latest updated sequences
  • Both mature and precursor probes are attached on one array
  • Multiple positive and negative controls are included
  • Probes on chips are printed in triplicate
  • High standard QA/QC procedures are performed under GMP and GLP protocols
  • Housekeeping transcripts are available for normalization
  • Simple, quick and robust labeling with uniform labeling performance
  • 1 µg total RNA is required to achieve subfemtamole sensitivity (for optimal sensitivity we recommend using 1-2.5 µg total RNA although 100-200 ng total RNA can generate biologically significant results). If you are limited in sample amount, please call us to discuss options of accommodating smaller sample sizes.
  • Up to 94% specificity is observed
  • Highly reproducible results with CV < 15% between experiments are obtained
  • Turnaround time is about one week to 10 days for the full service
  • Data report and raw data from services can be easily transferred to other software for further analysis
  • Turnaround time: It usually takes one week to 10 days.

    Amount of RNA to be submitted: 1-2.5 µg total RNA is required for an assay.

    Pricing: due to variable requests, please contact us for pricing information.

    Data output format demonstrates data output and format

    Contact us for pricing, sample submission, and more questions.

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